Huafu Melamine Chemicals is specialized in qualified Melamine Powders. Our Color Matching is very accurate.
Melamine Molding Compound
Melamine Molding Compound is also known as melamine powder. Different colors of melamine molding compound with high purity are available for making qualified melamine tableware. Huafu Chemicals has the top colors matching in the industries.
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Special Melamine Molding Compound
Special Melamine Molding Compound is a new development of melamine resin. The marble like melamine powder as well as the melamine bamboo powder are more and more popular in tableware industry.
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Melamine Glazing Powder
Glazing Molding Compound/Glazing Melamine Powder is similar to melamine powder. The main difference is that glazing powder has a very high brightness as it's made from pure resin powder. It is generally used as glossy material for products and additives for adjusting the fluidity of melamine powder.
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Huafu Chemicals’ Food Grade, SGS & Intertek passed melamine moulding compound will be your first choice.
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Huafu Melamine Chemicals Focus on Pure-Stable-Colorful Powders for Melamine Tableware. We are focusing on build a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with customers.
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Pure-Stable-Colorful Powders for Melamine Tableware
Huafu Factory Melamine Resin Molding Powder New Shipment
Huafu Factory Melamine Resin Molding Powder New Shipment
Jun 02 , 2023
Huafu Factory, a reputable melamine molding compound manufacturer, has successfully delivered a new shipment of 15 tons high-quality melamine resin molding powder to a Southeast Asian tableware factory. With its strict quality control process and use of premium raw materials, Huafu has gained the tr...
  • HFM Melamine Resin Molding Compound Shipment
    May 24 , 2023
    Huafu Factory recently shipped a secure delivery of 25 tons of melamine resin molding compound on May.23rd. Huafu supplies 100% pure melamine tableware raw materials which can be made into beautiful food-grade melamine tableware. With Taiwan technology and exceptional color matching expertise, Huafu...
  • Formaldehyde Market Price Fluctuates and Falls
    May 19 , 2023
    Recently, the formaldehyde market in Shandong fluctuated and fell. The average price of formaldehyde in Shandong was 1186.67 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week. The average price of formaldehyde in Shandong was 1176.67 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week. It fell by 12.41% year-on-year. Recentl...
  • Huafu Chemicals Melamine Molding Powder Shipment
    May 12 , 2023
    On May.8th, 2023, Huafu Chemicals Factory shipped a stable and reliable batch of melamine resin molding powder to an old customer in South America. It comes as great relief to both the factory and the customer, who have been waiting for this shipment for a while. Throughout the entire process, Huafu...
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