Huafu Melamine Chemicals is specialized in qualified Melamine Powders. Our Color Matching is very accurate.
Melamine Molding Compound
Different colors of melamine molding compound with high purity are available for making qualified melamine tableware. Huafu Chemicals has the top colors matching in the industry. Taiwan Technology and rich experience since 1997.
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Special Melamine Molding Compound
Special Melamine Molding Compound is a new development of melamine resin. The marble like melamine powder as well as the melamine bamboo powder are more and more popular in tableware industry.
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Melamine Glazing Powder
Glazing Molding Compound/Glazing Melamine Powder with high brightness. Top Color Matching / Taiwan Technology / Color customization Service
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Huafu Chemicals’ Food Grade, SGS & Intertek passed melamine moulding compound will be your first choice.
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Huafu Melamine Chemicals Focus on Pure-Stable-Colorful Powders for Melamine Tableware. We are focusing on build a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with customers.
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Pure-Stable-Colorful Powders for Melamine Tableware
Huafu Chemicals Melamine Molding Compound New Shipment
Huafu Chemicals Melamine Molding Compound New Shipment
Nov 29 , 2023
On November 29th, a batch of 30 tons of melamine molding compound and a box of melamine tableware decal paper destined for the melamine customer factory was successfully shipped from Huafu Chemicals. Huafu Factory has been committed to the production of food-grade melamine tableware raw materials. I...
  • New Shipment of HFM Melamine Resin Molding Compound
    Nov 23 , 2023
    November.22nd, Huafu Factory successfully arranged for the recent shipment of 35 tons of high-quality white melamine resin molding compound, an important raw material for manufacturing melamine tableware. In addition to raw materials, the customer factory also customized 4 sets of new tableware mold...
  • Huafu Melamine Moulding Powder Factory New Shipment
    Nov 15 , 2023
    Recently, a long-term customer of Huafu Melamine Moulding Compound Factory ordered a batch of melamine tableware molding powder and several sets of melamine dinnerware moulds. After the color chips were confirmed, the corresponding color powder was shipped safely on November 13. This cooperation tra...
  • Huafu Brand Melamine Molding Compound Shipment
    Nov 09 , 2023
    In an achievement marked on Nov. 8th, Huafu MMC Factory efficiently shipped two containers carrying 60 tons of melamine molding compound. Huafu brand melamine molding raw material is guaranteed to be 100% pure and assures the safety of the produced melamine tableware. Our long-standing partnerships ...
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