Melamine Molding Compound

SGS Intertek Passed Melamine Moulding Compound

Huafu Chemicals is a reliable experienced melamine powder supplier for melamine tableware.

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    China (Taiwan Technology)
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    LC, TT
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    $1350/metric ton
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    customized colors available
Products Description

Why Choose Us?

  • Huafu Chemicals has the ability to produce the corresponding melamine tableware raw material according to the product process characteristics of the specific country.
  • If the raw materials are not right, the engineer or the factory worker have to adjust the molding machine, adjust molding temperature, adjust the pressure which is really time-wasting because the factory workers will not be getting used to the new producing process. Nevertheless, this will increase the rate of defective products and that will cause huge loss in labor, time and money. Therefore, it’s necessary to find a reliable experienced melamine powder supplier like Huafu. We will offer a series of long lasting and one-stop service for you.

The advantages of Huafu Melamine Moulding Compound

Physical property:

Melamine is a kind of thermosetting plastic with stable chemical properties at room temperature, compact structure and strong hardness. It is mainly used in wood, plastics, coatings and pharmaceutical industries.

Melamine powder in powder form with customized colors available: black, white, yellow, purple, red,  ivory, blue, brown, orange, green, etc







Powder / Granular form

Granular form

Specific Gravity




Bending Strength


79.0 Min.

79.0 Min.

Charpy Impact Strength

Kj / cm2

2.0 Min.

2.0 Min.

Water Absorption


0.8 Max.

0.8 Max.

Insulation Resistance



Disc Flow

(2g material, at 140˚c)


87 Min.

105 Min.

Curing Time

(2g material, at 140˚c)


100 Min.

140 Min.


It's widely used in tableware such as restaurant tableware, like bowl, cup, plate, bottle cap and daily appliances or electrical insulation components, such as high quality switch, socket plate, lamp holder, low-voltage appliances, instrument panel, etc.

Melamine Moulding Compound-Huafu Chemicals


1. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated storehouse away from moisture

2. Avoid handling or transporting together with acidic or alkaline substances

3. Prevent the material from rain and insolation

4. Load and unload carefully and protect from package damage

5. In the event of a fire, use water, soil or carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing media

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    • For more details of Melamine Molding Compound and Melamine Glazing Powder,please contact us directly by e-mail or leave a message. We will reply you ASAP.

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