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Melamine Market Price: rising by $ 124 /ton 2021-10-12

Melamine is made of urea, and China is the world's largest producer of urea. The abundant urea resources make China's melamine production uniquely advantageous.

melamine formaldehyde molding powder

  • After the National Holiday, the China domestic melamine market reopened the mode of price increase. The price in the north rose relatively fast and there were many export orders to be issued, which was good for boosting the domestic market.
  • There are still just needs to be purchased, and some newly added devices have been shut down for maintenance. With bullish expectations, manufacturers controlled orders and limited shipments, resulting in the reappearance of domestic shortages.

melamine market price rising

The melamine market is operating stably, with an increase of 0.57% compared to the previous trading day, an increase of 1.35% compared with the price on September 3rd 2021, and an increase of 213.10% compared with the same period last year.

  • With the gradual rise in the price of melamine, and other raw materials like urea and formaldehyde also have higher prices.
  • In addition, Due to the global public health incident, some foreign installations are unstable or shut down for maintenance, resulting in a shortage of supply.
  • Therefore, the import demand for China's melamine has increased significantly. After the National Day, the market price of melamine has risen by about 124 dollars /ton.

Melamine Market Forecast

Although the current overall average operating load rate is nearly 80%, there are many pending orders from companies, and with the growing bullish atmosphere, some downstream actively follow up, and the market supply is relatively tight.

Therefore, Huafu Chemicals believes that the short-term domestic melamine market will continue the upward trend of tight prices, and the price is higher, downstream resistance continues to exist, and it is relatively cautious to obtain goods.

melamine powder factory

As a manufacturer of melamine powder, melamine molding compound, and melamine glazing powder, Huafu Factory has rich experience in color matching and stable quality, escorting the production for more and more factories home and abroad.

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