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Formaldehyde Market: Upward Focus 2021-09-23

Formaldehyde is one of the important raw materials of melamine powder, and its market conditions have also attracted the attention of factories.

Today, Huafu Melamine Factory will share with you the latest market trend of formaldehyde.

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During the trading day, the domestic formaldehyde market continued to rise. The market price of raw material methanol continues to rise, and the cost-side boosting effect is obvious. The seller's offer is following up, and the downstream is still just in need of purchase, and the trading atmosphere is general.

Raw material and downstream product market

Raw materials: The methanol market in southern Shandong rose. The coke oven gas methanol plant in the area is shut down or the load is low.

Downstream: Today, the neopentyl glycol (solid) market in Shandong is sluggish, and real orders are rare. Expected differences on the raw material isobutyraldehyde, mainly wait-and-see, and there is little substantial trading. The market spot volume is not large, and the offer is high.

  • Although the performance of downstream demand varies, the raw methanol market is expected to operate strongly, and the cost-side support still exists. At present, the market has a certain bullish sentiment. It is expected that the formaldehyde market will continue to move up steadily next week.

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The rise in the price of formaldehyde is bound to increase the cost of melamine powder. As raw materials are the basis for production, it is necessary to ensure sufficient storage. Contact us for the latest information and inquiry!

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