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2022 China International Chemical Industry Exhibition 2021-12-08

Huafu Chemicals, the manufacturer of melamine and MMC is also a professional chemical knowledge sharer. Our factory is in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China.

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2022 China ICIF is an exhibition related to petroleum, petrochemical, and chemical industries, and this is a good opportunity for many related industries and factories.

On February 15, 2020, ICIF China has passed the UFI certification of the Global Exhibition Industry Association and officially became the UFI approved event!

Chemical Exhibition

Time: September 6-8, 2022

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Exhibition Scale: exhibition area of 30,000 square meters

Exhibition History

The China International Chemical Industry Exhibition (ICIF China) was held for the first time in 1992. It has been successfully held for 18 sessions in 28 years. It has now become a well-recognized and well-known industry brand exhibition in the petroleum and chemical industries at home and abroad.

MMC factory

Exhibit Scope

1. Basic inorganic and organic chemical raw materials exhibition area

organic synthetic chemicals such as methanol derivatives, ethylene, propylene, benzene series derivatives; barium salt, magnesium salt, potassium salt, boron compound and borate, bromine compound, chromium salt, Cyanide, fluorine compound, phosphorus compound and phosphate, silicon compound and silicate and other inorganic acid and alkali salts; activated carbon, calcium carbide, carbon black, titanium dioxide, etc.;

2. Petrochemical and energy chemical comprehensive exhibition area

Crude Oil, Solvent Oil, Paraffin Wax and Petroleum Product Additives, etc.; Refining and Chemical, Integration, aromatics, PX, PTA, PET, chemical fiber, etc.; olefin, ethylene, propylene, TDI, MDI, etc.; coal chemical industry, natural gas, shale gas, hydrogen energy, etc.;

3. Fine and specialty chemicals exhibition area

Pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, natural plant extracts, fine organic chemical raw materials and intermediates, fluorescent brighteners, catalysts, surfactants, electronic chemicals, water treatment chemicals, ion exchange resins, Flavors and fragrances, additives, feed and food additives, biochemicals, oil field chemicals, leather chemicals, daily chemicals and detergents, additives;

4. New chemical materials exhibition area

Organic fluorosilicon materials, engineering plastics, modified plastics, high-performance fibers, epoxy resins, Polyurethane and other polymer materials and raw materials, fluorine materials, silicon materials and raw materials, nano materials, chemical materials and raw materials for automobiles, electronics, aerospace; civil and special adhesives and raw materials;

melamine molding powder

5. Chemical safety and environmental protection exhibition area

Chemical safety production technology, safety monitoring and emergency prevention and control technology and equipment, chemical environmental protection technology and equipment, three waste treatment technology and equipment, soil remediation technology, occupational health products, etc.;

6. Chemical technology and equipment exhibition area

Industrial gas preparation equipment, pumps, valves, pipe fittings, fluid transmission equipment, enamel equipment, drying and separation equipment, tank trucks, containers, control, analysis and testing equipment, laboratory equipment, environmental protection technology equipment, safety production technology equipment, non-metallic equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, powder machinery, sealing equipment and accessories; chemical industry Complete sets of equipment and equipment, etc.;

7. Intelligent chemical industry and intelligent manufacturing exhibition area

green chemical park, intelligent chemical park, intelligent management platform, intelligent factory, scientific research institute, information service organization, etc.; new intelligent chemical technology, big data in painting and calligraphy industry and innovation platform of Internet of things, new artificial intelligence technology Products, intelligent manufacturing new equipment, very new measurement and monitoring products, automatic control technology and equipment, etc.;

8. Chemical packaging, storage and transportation exhibition area

Packaging: IBC ton barrels, plastic barrels, PE valve pockets, paper-plastic composite bags, plastic woven bags, flexitank containers, inflatable bags, stainless steel containers, plastic pallets, wooden pallets, turnover boxes, bottle caps, labels, cleaning systems and packaging equipment Wait;

Storage and transportation: chemical logistics companies, storage equipment, storage tank design and engineering, professional warehouses, tank farms, ports, storage yards, etc.; dangerous goods logistics technology and equipment, etc.

Huafu melamine factory

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