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What are the Differences between Melamine and Ceramic Tableware? 2021-01-21

Melamine tableware is also named imitation porcelain tableware which is very similar to ceramic tableware in appearance. Sometimes, it’s very confusing for us. For someone who is not familiar, it’s hard to distinguish between them. However, there are still some differences. Let’s take a look!

Ceramic tableware is made by kneading and firing clay or a mixture containing clay. It has diverse shapes, colorful colors, cool and smooth feel, easy to wash.

differencs between ceramic and melamine tableware

Melamine tableware is made of melamine resin powder and it’s similar in appearance to porcelain. It is harder than porcelain, not fragile, bright in color, and has a strong finish.

There are still some methods to distinguish between melamine tableware and ceramic tableware.

1. Weight

First of all, we can distinguish from the weight. Since the food contact melamine tableware is pure melamine powder, it’s light in weight, and the ceramic is heavier.

2. Appearance

Secondly, look at the appearance. Although the melamine tableware is very similar to the ceramic in appearance, you will find that melamine tableware is not only more solid, but also has a very bright color and a strong gloss.

3. Knocking sound

After that, we can also distinguish from the sound of knocking. When knocking on imitation porcelain, there will be a relatively clear sound, while knocking on real ceramic will make a dull sound.

4. Price

Finally, there is a comparison in price. Generally, the cost of melamine tableware is much lower than ceramic tableware, so it is very popular in our life.

100% melamine moulding powder

In all, ceramic and melamine are difficult to distinguish easily based on one characteristic alone. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider many aspects to distinguish more accurately!

melamine crockery raw material

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