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Melamine Powder Shipment On Time 2020-03-20

On March.13th, 2020 Huafu Chemicals has completed 38 tons of melamine powder shipment. It’s our Asian customer’s 5th time cooperation. Thank you for our dear valued customers’ trust and support. We will keep on producing and supplying melamine moulding powderfor tableware factories in the future.

At present, the epidemic situation of novel coronavirus in China has been effectively controlled, and the number of newly diagnosed patients is decreasing every day. Many companies have resumed work and put into production, so did Huafu Chemicals.

Based on the effective epidemic prevention measures implementation, our factory has already put in to production safely. Our products have been fully disinfected in factories and warehouses, and shipping time also can ensure the safety of the goods, therefore this time’s shipment went very smoothly.

Shipment is safe always!

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