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Increasing Cost of Raw Materials for Melamine Powder 2021-03-03

In early September 2020, Huafu Chemicals has shared the forecast data on the global melamine tableware market. We see that the market size of the melamine tableware industry has maintained a continuous upward trend as expected.

HFM melamine resin compound

In fact, the rise in methanol prices over the same period in November 2020 pushed up the price of formaldehyde. (Methanol is the raw material for the production of formaldehyde.) The price of formaldehyde from official suppliers in this industry has risen by 12-15%. A number of chemical importers confirmed that due to China's high demand in the past month and a half, methanol prices will rise further.

Industry insiders believe that there are three main reasons for the sharp rise in the price of formaldehyde.

  • First, the price of raw materials has risen.
  • Second, the low operating rate of enterprises.
  • Third, the improvement of downstream demand.

melamine formaldehyde resin compound

As an expert in the production of melamine powder, Huafu Chemicals suggests that tableware manufacturers can be fully prepared for production when the price of raw materials is stable. Huafu Chemicals has been engaged in the melamine industry for more than 20 years with Taiwanese technology and an excellent color matching service team.

Huafu Melamine Powder Factory is specialized in the production of high-quality melamine-formaldehyde resin powder raw materials certified by SGS and Intertek.

The undetermined price today will quickly change tomorrow, and it will be a new price tomorrow. All the raw material manufacturers are struggling to support their peers, hoping the rising price controversy will finish as soon as possible.

Huafu melamine powder factory

If the tableware factory has raw material requirements in a short time, please place an order as soon as possible so that we can prepare enough raw materials for the production of melamine-formaldehyde compound.

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