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How to Choose Safe Melamine Tableware? 2020-12-01

The raw material of melamine tableware is melamine formaldehyde resin, which is a kind of plastic and belongs to the thermosetting plastic in plastics. This material is easy to color, and the color is bright and beautiful. Melamine tableware is very popular now, but how to choose truly safe melamine tableware?

melamine molding compound

  1. High-quality melamine tableware has smooth surface, bright pattern color and good gloss, so it is often used in hotel tableware; otherwise, it is inferior.
  2. The high-quality melamine tableware is polished smoothly without obvious polishing marks, not easy to get dirty, and easy to clean.
  3. High-quality melamine tableware is durable, with a thickness of about 3mm and impact resistance, while inferior tableware is very thin and easily broken.
  4. High-quality melamine tableware has strong bright color and will not fade. Wipe the colored areas with white tissue; the one that fades is inferior tableware.

Melamine powder can not only be used as tableware but also can be used as kitchen utensils, ashtrays, washbasins, bathroom supplies, toilet lids and so on.

There is also bamboo powder tableware that has become popular with the concept of environmental protection. It is also a new type of raw material obtained by mixing melamine powder and natural bamboo powder, which is widely loved by European and American customers.

Huafu Melamine Powder

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