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Formaldehyde Market Analysis 2021-09-27

As the most important chemical raw material, formaldehyde has a wide range of applications. Its downstream consumption fields mainly include trialdehyde resin, butanediol, pentaerythritol, urea formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin, MDI and Urotropine, and are widely used in wood processing, pesticide, plastic and melamine resin production, textile and pharmaceutical industries.

As the important raw material for melamine molding powder, formaldehyde has attracted much attention of factory owners.

Formaldehyde Market trend

Formaldehyde price trend

In recent days, the focus of the domestic formaldehyde market has risen. The price of raw materials is high, the cost side support is strong, the market price continues to rise, and the downstream still maintains rigid demand.

Raw materials: The methanol market in southern Shandong continues to rise. The market just needs a small amount of transactions.

Downstream: Today, the neopentyl glycol (solid) market in Shandong still has low prices, and real orders are limited. The cost of raw materials is high, and new prices in the surrounding markets have risen, and the price center has shifted upward.

melamine formaldehyde resin powder

It has been expected by Huafu Chemicals the price of raw methanol continues to be strong, and the cost of formaldehyde is under pressure so that the short-term formaldehyde market may still fluctuate and rise.

As the manufacturer of melamine, melamine powder and melamine molding compound, Huafu factory has the warm reminder for your business prosperity in the future. Always get the raw material prepared well for future production.

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