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Design of Decal Paper for Melamine Crockery 2020-08-03

The surface decoration of melamine products is completed with the molding of the utensils, and the pattern and shape are well combined. 

  • Normally, the decal paper is four-color printing, and there will be a lot of space for pattern decoration. Therefore, foil paper is widely used in the production of melamine products. 
  • Decal paper is put with design and glazing powder. Melamine glazing powder is on the decal paper to make the product bright and shinning, and decal paper to make it more attractive and creative in design.
  • According to the special design concept, the decal paper can be cut into any shape. Moreover, melamine tableware has also developed a variety of different styles in different countries and regions.

melamine powder for children's dinnerware

Cartoon Series

pure melamine resin powder

Chinese Style Series

bionic melamine raw material

Southeast Asia Style

For melamine product design, both traditional graphics and modern graphics can be used for decoration, such as cartoon characters, animation characters, illustration form, and so on.

From all the above, we know clearly that decal paper plays an important role in the design of melamine products.

shinning melamine powder for sale

Nordic Style

hot sale melamine powder

Janpanse Style

imitation procelain raw material

Antique Style

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