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Analysis of Melamine Industry Market 2020-08-10

The demand for melamine powder is determined by reviewing the demand for melamine products.

The applications of these end products are diverse - from home consumer use to commercial and industrial applications.

melamine powder

Melamine moulding compound are wildly used in kitchenware, dinnerware, toys, etc.

In addition, per capital income, consumption tendency and economic growth are reasonable predictors of demand.

Melamine Tableware

Developing markets and price-sensitive consumers may prefer these melamine goods, especially if offered in a modern or fashionable manner. What’s more, since these items are almost unbreakable but cannot be microwaved, the following niche market segments may be targeted for home use:

  • Catering supplies – serving dishes, ice cream cups, chopsticks etc
  • Outdoor dining –cups, plates, utensils
  • Children's dining - cups, bowls, plates, and utensils
  • Institutional uses (hospitals, prisons, armed forces) – serving dishes, dinnerware and utensils
  • Novel Market - Seasonal Pattern cups, bowls, mugs, plates, trays

Demand for these melamine products should track per capital income, consumption tendency and economic growth.

melamine powder market analysis

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