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Why Melamine Powder with Dots Needs Long Days to Make?
Mar , 11 2020

Nowadays, melamine tableware is more and more popular in fast food, children's catering and high-end catering. The reason why it is deeply loved by people is due to its porcelain appearance, less fragile, and easier to wash. Besides, its diverse shapes and colorful appearance win the favor of more customers. For making beautiful melamine tableware, except using decal paper, there is also one way, which is to mix light-colored melamine powder (eg, white powder) with some dark-colored powder particles (eg. black, purple, brown powder). It seems a simple way, but it requires strict procedures to produce high-quality melamine powder with dots.

melamine molding compound with dots

Now let’s take the white powder with brown dots as an example. The following are the procedures to pay attention in production.

1. Press the brown powder into pieces first from the molding machine.

2. Crush the brown pieces into small dots.

3. Sieve the brown small dots with the same size and leave the big size dots out and crush it again.

4. After the quantity of dots up to the need, then put into the white powder to mix

From this additional processing, the production time of melamine powder with dots is 2-3 times of normal powder without dots. Then we could understand that Melamine Powder with Dots really needs a long time to make.

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melamine powder with dots

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