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What Melamine Powder Can be Used For ?
Mar , 26 2020

Melamine resin powder is not only used in making daily using dinnerware, table supplies, it can also be used in many other fields. Let us study more today.

application of melamine powder

1. Diamond elastic abrasive block bonding agent

Melamine resin has high bonding strength and water resistance. The manufactured abrasive products have high mechanical strength, can withstand large grinding pressure, and are safe to operate. Elastic grinding blocks and diamond soft grinding discs are widely used in the water grinding process of ceramic tiles, marble, ceramics and other industries.

2. Parquet, building template

The solid wood composite floor has higher requirements for environmental protection and the use of glue, while melamine formaldehyde resin powder has a high advantage in the processing of solid wood composite flooring. The addition of modifiers can make the environmental protection level reach the standard E1.

3. Toilet seat cover, button decorations, etc

Pure melamine formaldehyde resin powder and wood powder are used to make trays, and toilet covers and on the surface of thermosetting plastics. It can be molded into various buttons and decorations when kneaded with α-fiber wood pulp and cotton pulp. It can also be used for paper, fiber impregnation, cork impregnation treatment, and foaming materials.

application of melamine powder

As a melamine powder manufacturer, Huafu Chemicals is always producing the guaranteed & pure quality powder for tableware. The use of melamine tableware is directly related to our health. Huafu Chemical is willing to provide qualified melamine molding powder for all tableware factories.

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