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Occasions to Use Melamine Tableware
Aug , 12 2022

Melamine tableware is popular tableware in modern life, so it can be used in all aspects of life. Today, Huafu Melamine Resin Molding Powder Factory wants to introduce to you the specific occasions where melamine tableware is suitable for use. I think it is not only suitable for use in catering enterprises, but also very good for the elderly and children in family life.

melamine tableware raw material powder

1. Melamine tableware is widely used in catering companies such as McDonald's and KFC.

There are two reasons why these catering companies are willing to use this kind of tableware.

  • First of all, because this kind of tableware is strong enough to resist falling, so in the catering industry with a lot of passenger traffic, it can reduce the loss caused by damage to the tableware.
  • The second point is that the appearance of this kind of tableware is better, so it looks more uniform when used in the catering industry, and it looks more lovely and generous.

melamine bowl raw material

2. Melamine tableware is very suitable for use in family life.

This tableware looks very similar to ceramics, but it is very resistant to falling, so when children use it, it can protect them from debris. And its price is not high, it is affordable for ordinary families.

Melamine powder has a very wide range of applications, in addition to tableware can also be used to produce food boxes, trays, lampshades and mahjong and so on. As a manufacturer of melamine molding powder, Huafu Chemicals has more than 20 years of rich experience in the melamine industry. Welcome to visit our factory.

melamine plate raw material

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