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What are the Differences between Ceramic Tableware and Melamine Tableware?
Apr , 12 2023

When choosing tableware, ceramics are often the first choice, as many people still don't know much about melamine tableware. Melamine tableware can not only help you save money but also bring new life to your table setting. In order to help more people understand melamine tableware, Huafu Factory (the manufacturer of melamine resin molding powder for taleware making) has sorted out some of the main differences between melamine tableware and ceramic tableware to help you decide which one is best for you.

melamine resin molding powder for plates

1. When shopping for new tableware, the most important thing to consider is the usability of the product.

Both ceramic and melamine tableware are dishwasher safe. Because melamine has good heat resistance and cold retention, it is a good choice for western food.

2. Many people also focus on the appearance of the product when choosing tableware. Melamine tableware is also called imitation porcelain tableware, so it has a ceramic-like appearance, with only slight differences in appearance from ceramic tableware. Melamine is more cost-effective than ceramic tableware, which means you can get your money's worth without compromising on appearance.

3. When buying new tableware, we also consider whether it will last so you don't waste money. Ceramic tableware is prone to chipping, but melamine tableware is very drop-resistant and scratch-resistant, so it is very safe and convenient to use.

raw material for making melamine dinnerware

After understanding the advantages of melamine tableware compared with ceramic tableware, do you have a clearer understanding, I hope this article can help you.

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