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Visit to Huafu Melamine Moulding Compound Factory
Aug , 03 2022

Today, Huafu Chemicals takes you to visit the Huafu Melamine Molding Powder Factory.

 MMC raw material

Raw material pulp warehouse     

melamine raw material

Raw material melamine warehouse

 Huafu Melamine Molding Compound Factory

Factory workers are bagging melamine molding powder

Huafu MMC color matching 

Color matching lab

melamine resin molding compound 

Melamine molding compound warehouse        

Look! The finished HFM melamine molding powder is stored in the warehouse very well. The bags will be stacked one by one for a day, and then flipped over and stacked one by one again. This is repeated many times to exhaust the air inside.

melamine molding powder

Although this is a troublesome job, but with this job, when packing the cabinets, it can be neatly placed as shown in the picture, which can help to save a lot of freight for customers.

Huafu MMC Factory

Huafu Chemicals is looking forward to long-term stable and continuous cooperation and development with tableware factories.

Welcome to visit our factory in China.

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