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How to Use Melamine Tableware Properly?
May , 21 2021

Melamine tableware has the characteristics of good drop resistance, cleanness, and durability. However, it also has some shortcomings which need to pay attention to. How to use melamine tableware properly and prolong the service life of melamine tableware? Huafu Chemicals, the manufacturer of melamine powder, helps to sort out five suggestions of using melamine tableware for personal or restaurant.

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1. Melamine tableware has a temperature resistance of only -20 to 120 degrees. It must avoid direct contact with hot oil and keep away from fire.

2. When used for a long time, melamine tableware is easy to be dyed. When serving food, try to use less food with more pigments, such as red pepper oil, vinegar, etc to avoid inconvenient cleaning.

3. After a long time of use, if the tableware has stains that cannot be washed off, you can purchase special melamine cleaning powder to wash, which is easy to remove.

4. Do not use steel wool to scrub the dishes when cleaning. Use the soft washing cloth instead. There is a layer of melamine glazing powder bright film on the surface of melamine tableware, which can protect the tableware.

5. Do not put it in a microwave oven for heating, or use high-temperature disinfection, which will affect the service life of the tableware. Please use the melamine tableware disinfection cabinet, such as the ozone disinfection cabinet for disinfection.

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