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8 Tips for Using Melamine Tableware
Jul , 23 2021

The non-toxicity and safety of melamine tableware are one of the reasons why it is popular all over the world. At the same time, melamine has good scratch-resistance, high surface hardness and bright in color. Melamine tableware has gradually replaced ceramic tableware and has become the catering industry and home ideal tableware for life.

The correct use of melamine tableware can ensure its service life, so what should be paid attention to when using melamine tableware? Huafu Chemicals has collected the related information, please go through for details.

melamine tableware raw material factory

1. Although the melamine tableware is not fragile, melamine products with complex shapes, such as split fast food plates and fast food boxes, need to be handled with care.

2. It is strictly forbidden to bake directly on the fire, and avoid using the microwave and oven!

3. Be cautious when using strong chemically corrosive detergents such as 84 disinfectant. High concentration will erode the surface of the tableware and affect the service life of the tableware.

4. Do not scrub with hard objects such as steel wire balls to prevent stains from depositing after the surface is scratched. It is advisable to use tableware cleaner and soft gauze to scrub.

5. The normal use temperature of melamine tableware is -30℃~120℃. Strive to be evenly heated during use and disinfection. It is suitable for disinfection in ultraviolet and ozone disinfection cabinet.

6. Avoid strong collision between the tableware from damage when using the dishwasher to clean. Melamine chopsticks are best not to be cleaned in the dishwasher.

7. In the daily use, pay attention to avoid excessively severe impact on the tableware, so that there are nicks on the edge of the tableware or small cracks that are not easy to find in the tableware. If it is used again, it will burst if it encounters high temperatures.

8. In the case of contamination, it needs to be soaked with diluted disinfectant or special detergent for melamine tableware from time to time, and it will be as bright as new after washing.

melamine tableware is microwave forbidden

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