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Where to Find Qualified Melamine Powder for Chopsticks? 2019-11-04

As known to experienced tableware factories, chopsticks are special products that are thin and long and have strict special requirements for raw materials. In particular, black melamine powder must maintain brightness and high degree of fluidity for making chopsticks. Huafu Chemicals' melamine moulding compound can meet this requirement and have been receiving favorable comments from customers. Huafu Chemicals is specialized in the production of melamine moulding compound, marble look melamine compound and melamine glazing powder.

If the powder is not good, the product will have poor fluidity, easy to bend or the finished product will be lack of material which causes a high defect rate. For tableware factories’ sake, do pay attention to the selection of the raw material powder, and feel free to contact us

P.S. Melamine chopsticks are made of 100% pure melamine powder, which has a realistic ceramic texture, bright color, non-toxic, odorless, strong resistance, non-fragile and durable. They also have the advantages of high temperature resistance (-30 ºC to 120 ºC) and low price, so melamine chopsticks are very popular in families, chain restaurants or hotels.

melamine black powder for choptisticks

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