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What is Melamine Tableware with Smart Chip and How to Make? 2020-09-16

Melamine tableware with the smart chip is made of 100% melamine powder, and the bottom of the tableware is implanted with an RFID radio frequency chip.

The Advantages of Melamine Tableware with Smart Chip:

1. Good low-temperature resistance

2. Safe, non-toxic and does not have any irritating odor

3. High intelligence, high recognition accuracy, good running stability

4. Simple to operate in production

5. High qualified rate is high, low production cost

raw material for melamine tableware

Production steps of melamine tableware with the smart chip:

Step 1: According to the production needs, weigh the amount of 100% melamine raw material needed for the melamine tableware to be produced.

Step 2: Put the melamine powder weighed in Step 1 into the container, and preheat the melamine resin.

Step 3: Preheat the upper and lower molds of the melamine tableware compression mold respectively. Then add the preheated melamine powder in Step 2 to the mold, and use the upper and lower molds to simultaneously mold into semi-finished melamine tableware.

melamine tableware with chip

Step 4: Paste the smart chip on the bottom of the semi-finished melamine tableware, and paste a layer of heat insulation film on the surface of the smart chip. Then preheat the lower mold again and add part of preheated melamine powder in Step 2 in the mold. After molding, the smart chip will be inside the semi-finished tableware.

Step 5: Finally, the semi-finished melamine tableware with chip in Step 4 will be put on decal, glazed and polished. After all steps are completed, appearance checked and quality inspection done, the final finished melamine tableware is obtained.

melamine molding powder for sale

In modern society, the pace of life is accelerating, and people prefer to pay directly after picking up the meal. Tableware with smart chip can reduce the time waiting in line for payment.

Huafu Chemicals will continue to bring more valuable information to tableware factories!

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