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The Comparison of Melamine Tableware and Ordinary Plastic Tableware 2019-09-24

When we shop in the supermarket, we see a large variety of tableware products which make us quite dizzy and hard to choose, so let’s compare some similar ones, like melamine tableware and plastic tableware.

Firstly, the raw materials are different. As we know, the raw material of plastics is polyethylene, so plastic tableware has a relatively good ductility. However, we know that plastic tableware is not very stable, so it is easy to deform under high temperature or hot water. It would release some toxic and harmful substances into the food which is not good for human body. The raw material of melamine tableware (food grade) is 100% melamine compound A5 material. It is non-toxic, tasteless; durable, not easy to break and easy to clean. It is internationally popular new tableware combines the advantages of ceramics and plastics. The normal use temperature of melamine tableware is -30 ° C ~ 120 ° C, so it’s not suitable to use in microwave or ovens.

The second point is the cost performance. The overall appearance of melamine tableware and its artistic features are very obvious. It is as more beautiful and delicate than plastics. In addition, the price is not particularly high, so melamine tableware has a higher cost performance overall.

Therefore, from the comparison, we could see that melamine tableware will occupy a very large sales share in the market.

Raw material of melamine tableware

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