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Required Label for Melamine Tableware 2019-10-11

The hygienic standard for melamine-formaldehyde mould products used in food containers and packaging materials for melamine tableware issued by the Standardization Administration of China specifically increased the determination of the migration amount of melamine monomer, and the regulation on the residual amount of formaldehyde was also very strict.

Among them, the raw material melamine formaldehyde resin (namely melamine resin) is stipulated, which requires that harmful substances to health should not be released under the recommended conditions of use.

In the detection of hygienic physical and chemical indicators, the determination of melamine monomer migration was increased.

For the label of melamine tableware, it is the first time to clearly require the labeling of product material, and inform "food grade" and "strictly prohibit the use of heating in microwave oven", the packaging is required to mark "food grade" and also manufacturer, product name, use conditions, material type clearly.

melamine moulding compound for melamine tableware

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