MF Pantone Color Card 2019-11-27

Melamine Resin, also known as Melamine Formaldehyde, is abbreviated as MF.

  • MF has an extremely important and unique position in the plastic family. It was used in 1930 and is one of the oldest commercial plastics.
  • It is also known as "scientific porcelain" or "plastic porcelain” with the same hardness and stiffness as ceramics, but the color is even better than ceramic.
  • There is almost no other plastic that has this advantage. That's why it's so popular in modern kitchen appliances.

melamine molding powder and pantone color card

As a melamine tableware manufacturer, you may know the Pantone color card.

  • It is true that Pantone has a more advanced plastic color card in addition to the paper color card, and these plastic color cards are made of MF.
  • This shows MF's superb surface coating ability and coloring ability. All colors can be made using melamine powder. Of course, it will be more expensive (but it is still cheaper than ceramics).
  • It's completely food grade and doesn't have any strange smell of plastic, so it usually makes food look more delicious with its gorgeous, hard, smooth and sleek appearance.

P.S. The Colors Matching in Huafu Chemicals is the Top of Industries. Customers supply the Pantone color number or the sample for color matching. We make the new common color in 3-6 days and new special color in 7-10 days.

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