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Four Reasons of Unqualified Melamine Products 2019-11-26

When you enter a fast food restaurant, you may see melamine tableware. Melamine tableware is durable and not fragile, and the cost is also lower than ceramic tableware, which saves the merchants cost. There are more and more merchants using melamine tableware, but there are much unqualified melamine tableware in the market, so let’s find out the reasons.

melamine moulding powder

(1) Raw Material Ratio: If the melamine powder in the raw material is not pure enough, or the degree of ball milling is not enough, the raw material is rough, and insufficiently added, the produced tableware structure is loose or has obvious defects. It is also pointed out that improper formula can easily cause excessive formaldehyde content, and then the safety and health requirements are not met. From this aspect, we will see that how important the tableware raw material is! Huafu Chemicals is a 100% pure melamine moulding compound manufacturer you could trust and welcome to visit our factory in China.

(2) Mold Finish and Exhaust Control: In the molding process of melamine tableware, there must be an exhaust process for eliminating the small molecular substances such as formaldehyde and water generated during the cross-linking curing reaction of melamine-formaldehyde resin. If the exhaust is improper, it will not only affect the discharge of formaldehyde molecules, but also create pores on the surface of the tableware, which will cause the stains to affect the food hygiene of the tableware.

(3) Molding Temperature, Pressure and Curing Time: If the pressure, temperature is not proper or the curing time is insufficient, it may contain more melamine and formaldehyde residues, which affect the safety and quality of the tableware seriously.

(4) Quality of Decal Paper: Since decal paper is on the surface of tableware which may contact the food, it is important to select good quality decal paper that meets the hygiene and safety standards.

Fast food restaurants or supermarkets should pay attention to the quality certification when purchasing melamine tableware. The general public should also polish their eyes when purchasing melamine products.

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