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Melamine Market Price: Increases by US$245/ton 2021-09-08

Till today, the price of melamine powder has generally increased by US$245/ton from last week.

white melamine powder

Recently, the domestic melamine market price has risen rapidly. Last week, there have been signs of price increases. Companies have tentatively raised their quotations. Some downstream companies still need to purchase, and the prices are already high. There is still resistance in the downstream, so they are still cautious in obtaining goods. At present, manufacturers have many pending orders, and the supply of goods is generally tight, so more orders are shipped in limited quantities.

In addition, some devices will be overhauled or will soon be shut down, and the expected decline in the operating load rate of enterprises will aggravate the local cargo tight situation. Therefore, the bullish expectations are still strong in the short term.

melamine powder factory

As the supply and demand becomes tight and the tight cargo situation has not been significantly eased, Huafu Melamine Factory believes that the price of melamine will continue to rise in a short period of time.

Always prepare in advance for your normal production!

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