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How to Disinfect Melamine Tableware? 2019-09-12

    The melamine tableware is popular in all major chain restaurants. However, people is more concerned about the hygiene safety of melamine tableware, especially the treatment of melamine tableware in disinfection is more important. Now let's have a look at the disinfection process.

1. The cleaning and disinfection of melamine tableware must be designated in the clean area for special treatment. The cleaning and disinfection facilities must be dedicated. It is strictly forbidden to wash or place any other items in the tableware cleaning and disinfecting facilities.

2. Make sure to use the detergents and disinfectants that meet hygienic standards.

3. Tableware cleaning and disinfection must be physically and chemically disinfected, in strict accordance with the steps of “wash, clear, disinfection, flush".

4. After cleaning and disinfection, melamine tableware should be smooth, no oil stains, no odor, no residual liquid, and meet the hygiene requirements.

5. The melamine tableware should be washed in time. Disinfected utensils should be stored in a special cabinet, and the cabinet should be clearly marked.

6. The storage requirements of melamine tableware: the cleaned and sterilized tableware and drinking utensils must be stored in a closed special cleaning cabinet before use, to prevent dust, impurities, rats, flies and other pollution. No other items are allowed in the tableware cleaning cabinet.

melamine tableware compound in China

    The above is the disinfection method of melamine tableware. When using melamine tableware, proper maintenance can prolong the service life of melamine tableware. When purchasing, we must recognize the formal melamine tableware manufacturer. However, the tableware manufacturer should choose the high quality pure melamine molding resin powder as tableware raw material.

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