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How Long do Different Types of Tableware Last in Daily Life? 2019-09-29

No matter melamine tableware or wooden tableware has service life. After expired use, it can bring harm to human body. How long do different types of tableware last in daily life using?

1. Bamboo

Bamboo tableware is also very common, but it is easy to deposit oil and bacteria because of the fibers among the small gap. Better to wash carefully and quickly dry it, or it is easy to produce a variety of mold.

Life Span: 3~6 months. If cracking or mildew occurs in advance, it needs to be replaced immediately.

2. Wooden

The tableware like chopsticks or bowls is made of wood. The common ones are annatto, jujube, Holly etc. Better to choose the wood with large density, that is normally heavier one, and less decorative pattern for prevent bacterium.

Life span:  It is relative to the actual type of wood. The denser of wood, the longer life span It has.

3. Plastic

Plastic is more prone to aging. The most commonly used plastic tableware is polypropylene, like microwave special plastic dining box. Although polypropylene will not release toxic substances, it will degrade, slowly become soft after long-term use.

Life span: When plastic has a crack (i.e., silver streak), it's time to replace it.

4. Stainless Steel

The surface of stainless steel has a protective film, which can effectively prevent oil stains and bacteria residues. However, after long time use, the surface of stainless steel will be damaged by the acid, alkali and salt in food.

Life Span: When the surface of the stainless steel appears obvious scratches, it can be replaced.

5. Melamine

Melamine tableware is a new kind of tableware which is popular in recent years. It is suggested to use in a period of time and better change if needed. Ark of microwave oven for high-temperature disinfection is forbidden for melamine tableware. Use ozone disinfection ark or use disinfectant, because its resistance temperature is 120 degrees. Better to use cloth rather than steel wool when cleaning.

Life Span: The chemical composition of melamine is very stable; therefore the service life of qualified melamine tableware is two to three years. The more frequently you used the shorter service life of the melamine tableware.

Notes: Qualified melamine tableware is made of food grade melamine formaldehyde resin powder. Quanzhou Huafu Chemicals is such a factory manufacturing 100% pure melamine powder in China.

melamine formaldehyde resin powder

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