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Environmental Protection Measures for Melamine Tableware Production 2020-05-09

Melamine tableware is made of melamine resin powder heated and pressed. During the production of tableware, dust, exhaust gas, noise, solid waste and other environmental problems will be generated, so how to reduce the caused environmental pollution? Tableware factories can take the following prevention measures.


Emission source

Name of pollutant

Prevention measures

atmospheric pollutant

Preheating, hydroforming


Gas gathering facility, activated carbon adsorption device, exhaust cylinder, exhaust fan

Trimming and polishing


Bag dust collector, exhaust cylinder, exhaust fan

Solid Waste

Industrial solid waste

Defective products, hydroforming scraps

Sell comprehensive utilization or recycle


Production equipment

Equivalent sound level

Basic shock absorption, sound insulation of plant

Huafu 100% pure melamine powder

1. Water pollution control measures

The cooling water is recycled during the production process, and will not be discharged outside, which will not cause water pollution

2. Exhaust gas treatment measures

The organic waste gas generated in the preheating, hydroforming and injection molding processes is collected by the gas collection facility and processed by the activated carbon adsorption device. It is discharged through an exhaust pipe that is 5m above the highest building with a radius of 200m around the surrounding area. After the dust is processed by the bag dust collector, the exhaust gas is discharged through a high-altitude exhaust pipe not less than 15m. After the exhaust gas is treated, the impact on the air in the workshop and the surrounding environment is small.

3. Noise pollution control

(1) Select low-noise equipment and take basic vibration-damping measures when installing the equipment.

(2) Arrange production equipment reasonably, high-noise equipment should be far away from the factory boundary.

(3) Keep the doors and windows of the workshop closed during the production process. In the daily production and operation process, strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of mechanical equipment, ensure that the mechanical equipment is in a normal operating state, and ensure that the impact of noise on the surrounding environment is within an acceptable range.

4. Solid waste treatment measures

Industrial solid waste collection, in which scraps and defective products generated by hydraulic pressure are collected and sold for non-edible tableware production, dust collected by cloth bags and dust cleaned by workshops can be considered for recycling and reuse to avoid environmental pollution and can be obtained certain social benefits are feasible.

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