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Description of the Dates on the Package of Huafu Melamine Powder 2021-04-29

Some customers have been confused about some date information on the outer package of Huafu Melamine Moulding Compound. Today Huafu will give a clear description for you to get a deep understanding.

Look at the picture below. The framed dates of ABC in the picture are as follow.

A: Shelf life of melamine moulding compound

B: Production date of the packaging bag

C: Production date of the melamine moulding compound

the package of melamine powder

The Confusion of the Dates on the Package

Customers and the customs of the destination country often mistake B (the production date of the packaging bag) as C (the production date of the melamine powder), which causes some unnecessary troubles

For example, our goods were exported in October 2019, and customers mistakenly thought they were produced in March 2019(B).

In fact, C is the batch number, which is the actual production date of HFM melamine powder. This is printed after the melamine resin powder produced. It is printed according to the actual production date of the raw material.

HFM Melamine Moulding Compound

The Shelf Life of HFM Melamine Moulding Compound: 12 months

There are some Useful Tips for tableware factories.

1. It is recommended to use up the melamine powder ASAP within the shelf life after opening the bag.

2. If it is not used up, seal the bag temporarily to prevent dust from entering and contaminating the raw materials.

pure and colorful melamine powder

Reason: ONE machine, ONE worker, 1 bag of melamine powder

For melamine tableware production, the whole workshop uses melamine powder. After the bag opened, the dust will float all over the workshop. Dust from melamine powder and dust from the surrounding will easily cause dirty spots.

In addition, if this workshop has all different colors of melamine powder for production, especially black melamine powder, it is even more important to pay attention. Otherwise, it is easy to mix in dirty spots and affect the product quality.

Huafu Melamine Factory

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