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The Necessity of Choosing Suitable Tableware for Children
Jun , 09 2021

Nowadays, with the improvement of living standards and parents' awareness of health, the concept of children’s tableware is slowly integrated into the parents’ minds. Therefore, what are the benefits of using children's tableware?

The tableware used by adults is sturdy, heavy, and monotonous in color. Metal forks and steel spoons will become a safety hazard when the baby eats.

Children's tableware is different. It is small, cute, and resistant to fall. It not only ensures the safety of the baby's meal but also has great benefits for the baby.

1. Convenient for the baby to eat. The special tableware for babies is specially designed for babies and is more suitable for them to use.

2. Conducive to brain development. The special tableware for babies can promote the flexible movement of their fingers, exercise their hand, eye, and mouth coordination ability, and promote brain development while cultivating their hands-on ability.

3. Develop eating habits. The colorful decorations on the tableware and the exquisite and cute cartoon images can greatly increase the babies’ interest in eating and make the baby develop the habit of taking the initiative to eat by themselves.

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Then how to choose tableware suitable for babies?

Baby tableware must be harmless to the baby’s health. At present, there is baby tableware of various materials on the market; parents should choose the right one.

Ceramics and Glass Tableware

Glass and ceramics are very safe tableware, but they are relatively fragile. When purchasing, pay attention to buying underglaze colors, that is, the type with a smooth surface and no pattern feel.

Plastic Tableware

Plastic tableware is not afraid to break, but some solvents, plasticizers, and coloring agents are added during the processing process, which has certain toxicity, and are easy to adhere to grease and difficult to clean. When buying plastic tableware, it is best to choose colorless, transparent or plain color one.

Stainless Steel Tableware

Stainless steel cutlery is suitable for drinking water, easy to scrub, and not easy to breed bacteria. It contains few chemical elements, but it is easy to conduct heat. If the content of heavy metals is unqualified, it will be harmful to health.

Melamine Tableware

Melamine tableware has a smooth surface like porcelain, but also very light and thin, not afraid of falling or deformation, good heat preservation, not hot, good chemical stability, not easy to retain food taste.

  • Compared to porcelain and glass tableware, melamine tableware is not fragile and easy to break.
  • Compared to plastic tableware, melamine tableware can be used to hold hot soup and noodles.
  • Compared to stainless steel tableware, melamine tableware has good heat resistance, so it’s easy to hold.

Since melamine tableware has such good advantages, it is very suitable for children to use. There are more and more parents choose melamine tableware for their babies.

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