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  • 2021 Table and Kitchenware Expo Tokyo---Huafu Melamine

2021 Table and Kitchenware Expo Tokyo---Huafu Melamine 2020-09-29

Table & Kitchenware Expo is Japan's largest trade show specialized in tableware, kitchenware, table decor and home electronic appliances.

Are you the tableware factories who are concerned about the raw material for tableware or kitchen utensils production needs?

For the different types of table & kitchenware, most of the manufacturers prefer melamine products which are made from melamine moulding powder. Then Huafu Chemicals will be a good choice for you.

melamine powder for Table & Kitchenware

Exhibition time: January 27-29, 2021 (spring)

Pavilion: Tokyo Makuhari Messe-Nippon Exhibition Center

Exhibition time: July 07-09, 2021 (summer)

Pavilion: Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center

melamine tableware raw material

1. Exhibition Introduction:

  • The Tokyo Tableware and Kitchenware Exhibition is an excellent place for one-stop purchase of Western-style tableware, Japanese-style tableware, lacquerware, dining utensils, cooking equipment, kitchen utensils, and kitchen appliances.
  • In recent years, the demand for professional kitchen supplies in department stores, specialty stores, indoor stores, gift shops, and tableware and kitchenware stores has soared.
  • With the increase in market demand, the tableware and kitchenware exhibition has attracted more attention. The products on display at this exhibition cover all tableware and kitchenware.

2. Exhibition Range:

  • Tableware: Japanese-style tableware, lacquerware, ceramic and metal accessories, tea sets, glassware, tea mats, tablecloths, lunch mats, decorations, vases, table accessories.
  • Kitchen utensils: pots, baking pans, stew pots, pressure cookers, casseroles, knives, scissors, cutting boards, measuring cups, kettles, ladle, peelers, kitchen paper, cloth, lunch boxes, bottled water, cups, cups, silicon Cup, stirring rod, storage container, coffee/tea set, water pitcher, apron, gloves, dish mat, bottle opener, beer server, trash box, rag, etc.
  • Kitchen appliances: microwave/electric oven, rice cooker, kitchen timer, electric kettle, electric pot, coffee machine, electric motor, blender, home bakery, IH pot, electric hot plate, stove burner, garbage disposal, etc.

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