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Why can't Urea Resin be Used to Make Food Contact Tableware? 2021-02-05

Urea-formaldehyde resin molded products formed by heat molding using urea-formaldehyde resin as raw materials cannot be used for tableware at all.

China QB1999-1994 "melamine plastics tableware" standard cannot be abused. It is illegal to use urea-formaldehyde resin to make plastic tableware, and it is unnecessary to mention the quality. Why does it say so?

Because there is no urea-formaldehyde resin in the 959 additives in the GB 9685-2009 standard, the substances not listed in the standard cannot be used in food containers and packaging materials so far.

  • The use of urea-formaldehyde resin tableware is very harmful to the human body, because urea-formaldehyde resin is a polymer obtained by the reaction of urea and formaldehyde. After curing, it becomes translucent, resistant to weak acid and weak alkali, good insulation, good abrasion resistance, low price, but it is easy to decompose in case of strong acid and strong alkali, and has poor weather resistance.
  • Long-term use in temperature of 80℃, urea-formaldehyde resin reversibly reacts to produce urea and formaldehyde, excessive formaldehyde will have potential carcinogenic hazards to the human body.

melamine tableware powder

The tableware made of urea-formaldehyde molding powder covered with a layer of melamine resin powder cannot be used as food contact tableware

Because the main raw material is still urea-formaldehyde resin which is illegal to be used for tableware making. When the process is relatively good, the release of harmful substances is not so easy to detect during the factory inspection. But after a long time of use, the melamine powder wears away, so it’s also harmful like urea products.

This product can only be used in serving plates that are not in direct contact with food, such as towel plates, candy plates, fruit plates, etc.

Huafu melamine powder Intertek 2017

Therefore, the melamine resin content in the raw material for making food contact tableware is very important. Products made by using pure melamine powder as raw material are qualified and can be food contact.

If you have high-end market needs, such as the strict requirements for melamine tableware in the European and American markets, you can safely choose HFM melamine powder.

Because Huafu Chemicals has inspection reports of SGS and Intertek Certificates, which shows that the melamine molding powder made by Huafu factory is qualified and can be used in the production of food contact melamine tableware. Welcome tableware manufacturers to call for consultation!

2019 Huafu Melamine SGS Certificate

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