Special Melamine Molding Compound

Pure and Colorful Melamine Resin Moulding Powder

Hundreds of colors of pure Melamine Resin Moulding Powder is safe to used for manufacturing

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Products Description

Pure And Colorful Melamine Resin Moulding Powder    

Melamine is a raw material for the manufacture of "melamine-formaldehyde resin". It is also called "melamine formaldehyde resin" and "melamine resin". The English abbreviation is"MF". It is commonly used in manufacturing utensils, plates, paints, molding powder, paper, etc.

The common melamine tableware is the transliteration from the English word "melamine ". The melamine forming powder is mainly made of melamine and formaldehyde polymerized resin, and then added to the wood pulp. Then the Melamine Molding Powder is made into a beautiful and durable tableware by high temperature and high pressure. Tableware utensils made of melamine resin are often seen in daily life. The physical properties of these vessels are very similar to ceramics. They are hard and non-deformable but not as brittle as ceramics. Pure melamine tableware is resistant to high temperatures and has good acid and alkali resistance, so it is widely used in the restaurant industry. However, there is also some inferior melamine tableware which is melamine powder mixed with urea-formaldehyde resin  in the market. When the freshly cooked soup is immediately placed in the tableware of such inferior tableware, it may cause damage to the structure of melamine, then some toxic chemicals release .

glazing powder and melamine plates


Compared with other urea-formaldehyde molding compounds, melamine formaldehyde molding plastic has the following characteristics: low water absorption, good resistance to aqueous solutions such as beverages, wide color range, good heat resistance and high hardness; electricity under humid conditions and high temperature conditions Good performance, good arc resistance and scratch resistance.


Melamine can also be used as a paper treatment agent in combination with diethyl ether, as a crosslinking agent in some coatings, and as a flame retardant chemical treatment agent.


Temperature tolerance of the powder is -30 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius. It is very sensitive to moisture, hence packaging should be kept well closed to avoid lumps formation.

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