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Principles of Color Matching 2019-12-03

With the progress of society and technology, more and more new materials have been developed and further applied. Melamine tableware is the most popular tableware now. It is also called imitation porcelain tableware. It is made of melamine powder and cellulose as the main material. It looks similar to porcelain, but it is stronger than porcelain, resistant to falling and not brittle. Melamine tableware is very light and colorful, so it has always been very popular with restaurants and families.

Huafu Chemicals melamine powder

There are some principles for designing melamine tableware.

1. Approximate Color Matching

Choose adjacent or similar color matching, because the hue is similar, it is more coordinated and stable.

2. Contrast Color Matching

Use the contrast of hue, lightness or brilliance to match, with a strong sense of strength. Brightness contrast gives a fresh and lively impression. It can be said that as long as there is lightness contrast, it will not fail.

3. Progressive Color Matching

Arrange the colors in order according to the degree the three elements of hue, brightness, and brightness. The color is calm but still eye-catching.

\plastic raw material of melamine moulding compound

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