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New Shipment from Huafu Melamine Moulding Powder Factory 2021-06-17

Recently, Huafu’s South American customers ordered a batch of different colors of melamine tableware moulding powder. Soon customer made a confirmation of the powder color, which is a good result that can be achieved on the basis of stable color matching technology and long-term cooperation. This time the communication was very successful.

Huafu Melamine Moulding Compound

Huafu Chemicals has the top technology in color matching melamine compression powder. Various colors of melamine moulding powder have always been the signature of Huafu brand. Huafu Facotry is very advantageous in color powder matching and production, and multiple batches of powder are always stable.

melamine colors chips

Generally, the color of black powder confirms quickly, and customers can order stably for a long time.

White powder, such as ivory white and off-white, etc are really similar in color. Customer needs to provide a Pantone color number card or sample, and then the color matching team in Huafu will do the color matching. After that, the melamine colors chips will be sent to the customer for confirmation. After confirming the color, the melamine powder will be safely shipped.

Therefore, the customers we work with maintain a long-term and stable cooperative relationship.

Huafu melamine colors chips

Huafu melamine Colors Chips with one side glossy and the other side matt effect

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