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Is Melamine Tableware Resistant to High Temperature? 2020-06-17

1. Don't use it repeatedly in high-temperature environment

  • The normal use temperature range of melamine tableware is 0 ℃ to 120 ℃, heating the melamine tableware above the use temperature, if placed in hot oil at 200 ℃ for ten minutes, it will cause the tableware to bubble and decompose.
  • When foaming, part of the melamine resin will decompose, this process will generate more formaldehyde and melamine. At this time the tableware should be replaced to stop using the product.
  • It is especially worth mentioning that some chopsticks in hot pot restaurants also use melamine tableware. Due to constant contact with the high-temperature pot bottom during hot pot cooking, and the long dining time.
  • The quality inspection personnel found that melamine tableware After heating at 100℃ for 3 hours, the migration amount of melamine in one sample reached the limit value stipulated by national standards, and the migration amount of melamine will further increase with the extension of heating time.
  • Therefore, it is forbidden to use melamine tableware repeatedly under high temperature.

melamine crockery raw material

2. Boiling water can identify real or fake melamine

  • Due to the high price of melamine-formaldehyde resins, some unscrupulous manufacturers directly use urea-formaldehyde resins as raw material in order to pursue profits, and some use urea-formaldehyde molding powder as raw material. A layer of melamine powder is applied, and this product is not allowed to directly contact with food in China. When consumers actually buy, in addition to choosing regular stores and supermarkets, don’t choose “land spreading” cheaply ones.
  • Because the decomposition temperature of the urea-formaldehyde resin is about 80℃, and the use temperature of melamine tableware can reach 120℃, consumers can pour boiling water into the product after purchasing melamine tableware. If a large number of bubbles are generated, it is fake melamine tableware.

melamine moulding compound

The raw material for the production of food-grade melamine tableware is 100% pure melamine formaldehyde resin powder, and Huafu Chemical is such a melamine raw material manufacturer specializing in the production of melamine moulding compound for food grade melamine tableware for 20 years. Tableware manufacturers who need melamine raw material at home and abroad are welcome to call for a consultation.

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