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Can Melamine Tableware be Microwaved? Why? 2019-10-25

Melamine tableware is resistant to corrosion, safe and hygienic, and has been widely used in hot pot shop, hotels, noodle restaurants, fast food canteens, homes, etc. There is also many children's melamine tableware. Some people often ask if melamine tableware can be heated in a microwave. Often the melamine tableware manufacturer's answer is not! Some people will say that melamine tableware used in a microwave does not seem to have much problem in my family. So, can melamine tableware be heated in a microwave? Why can not the melamine tableware be heated in the microwave?

First, the A5 material melamine tableware is used safely in the range of -30 ° C to 120 ° C. The general household microwave can be used up to 400 degrees, while melamine tableware is resistant to the temperature of 120 ° C. Once exceed 120 ° C, the tableware will precipitate harmful substances, which shorten its service life. The national compulsory standard makes clear requirements for melamine tableware, and the product certificate must be marked with “food gradeand “microwave forbidden” sign. Short-term microwave may not be a big problem, but I still don't recommend melamine tableware for microwave heating. It is for your health and could extend the service life of melamine tableware.

Qualified Melamine tableware (made from 100% pure melamine formaldehyde resin powder) has brought convenience to our lives, and reasonable use will bring greater benefits and new experience to our catering enterprises.

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