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Melamine Powder Knowledge Training
Sep , 23 2019

2019-9-19,in the afternoon, Quanzhou Huafu Chemicals company made a professional training for marketing sales team. This training is mainly about the application of Melamine Powder and Melamine Molding Compounds developing prospects in the international market.

The training lasted for 3 hours. Marketing staff discussed customers’ requirements of melamine tableware used in different occasions, such as catering (fast food) chain stores, food courts, university canteens, hotels and restaurants. Actually, customers are more and more concerned about the quality, safety and health matters, so the quality of melamine raw material is even more important. At the same time, the emerging melamine tableware has gradually taken the place of some traditional tableware in some restaurants which means the need for melamine resin powder will be growing up in the future.

Melamine Powder Knowledge Training

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