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How Fast the Melamine Industry is Developing!
Oct , 31 2019

At the end of the 1990s, China's melamine production had been around 10,000 to 20,000 tons. Although the price had been changing, it maintained a relatively high price. However, China's melamine formaldehyde molding powder and molded products were at a very low level due to various reasons. The application was basically limited to some low-grade melamine tableware and small electrical parts. There was a big gap between the technical level and the quality and application of developed countries, especially Europe, America and Japan.

In recent years, the production capacity of melamine molding compound in China has exceeded 1.5 million tons. Besides that, China’s melamine annual output has exceeded 300,000 tons and has leapt to the top in the world. In recent years, the national policy of banned natural forest and the ban on disposable tableware has made melamine tableware favored by the catering industry, and the market demand has increased greatly. Therefore, the melamine molding compound industry will enter a relatively fast development stage benefit from the mature market and the adequate supply of melamine raw materials.

melamine moulding compound developing

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