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Is Melamine Plastic? What are the Differences?
Jun , 28 2020

After reaction with formaldehyde, melamine becomes melamine resin, which can be molded into tableware when heated. Maybe you are not familiar with melamine plates; you may have seen or used melamine plates, which are generally used in restaurants and hotels. With the popularity of melamine tableware, many people have questions about the differences between melamine tableware and plastic tableware. Now, let's take a look at PP and the differences between them.

plastics PP

PP is a thermoplastic material, which its raw material can be recycled and melted. Melamine tableware is a thermo-setting plastic which the powder can only be used one time without any recycling. The differences are as follows:

1. Ignition test: melamine is generally V0 level and more difficult to burn. PP is flammable.

2. Smell: pure melamine has no smell, PP is mild smell.

3. Density: this can be judged easily according to the density on the product data

4. Hardness: melamine products are harder than PP, melamine is similar to porcelain

5. Safety: pure melamine (melamine formaldehyde resin) is safer than PP (polypropylene)

melamine formaldehyde moulding Powder

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