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A Correct Understanding and Use of Melamine Tableware
Aug , 06 2021

Important Tips to Know Ahead:

The properties of qualified melamine plastics are relatively stable

Melamine tableware is microwave an oven forbidden

melamine tableware raw material

Melamine tableware is also called melamine tableware because of its appearance similar to ceramics. It is stronger than ceramics, not fragile, bright in color, and has a strong finish. It is very suitable for children and is also very popular in restaurants and canteens.

Food contact melamine tableware is produced with melamine resin, which is made of melamine formaldehyde resin raw material (also called 100% melamine or A5 material), mainly the polymerization of melamine and formaldehyde resin, pressed at high temperature, with stable performance, so qualified melamine tableware is safe to use.

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Huafu melamine molding powder

However, the melamine and formaldehyde resins in inferior products are very unstable, especially at high temperatures. They are likely to release melamine molecules. If the inferior melamine plastic containing food is often heated in a microwave oven, the danger is very high. In addition, melamine plastics may also release formaldehyde, which is more harmful to human.

Therefore, correctly using qualified melamine plastic tableware is so important to customers.

1. When buying, first go to a regular store to buy.

2. Check whether the tableware is deformed or not.

3. Don't put it in the microwave or oven.

4. When cleaning, use a soft cloth rather than steel wire balls.

how to wash melamine tableware

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