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Precautions for Using Dishwashers for Melamine Tableware
Mar , 09 2021

Melamine tableware is easy to clean, and sometimes we will put them into the dishwasher for cleaning, especially in restaurants and canteens. If the dishwasher is not used correctly, it will stain the residual bacteria in the melamine tableware, which is very harmful to our health. Therefore, Huafu Melamine Powder Factory will share with you the precautions for using the dishwasher.

melamine dishwasher safe

1. The tableware placed on the washing rack should meet the set requirements, and should not be stacked in a mess so as not to affect the effect of washing and disinfection.

2. Washing and disinfecting liquids should be prepared temporarily and replaced at any time.

3. The working water temperature of the dishwasher should be controlled at about 80℃.

4. After washing, check the effect of washing and disinfection of melamine tableware. If the hygiene requirements are not met, washing and disinfection shall be carried out again. The dishwasher should be overhauled frequently to maintain its normal working condition.

melamine formaldehyde molding powder

Melamine Tableware Analysis and Testing Standards:

1. NFT 51-023-1999 Plastic: Melamine formaldehyde resin molded parts, which can extract the determination of formaldehyde content.

2. DIN 53238-31-1978 pigment inspection: dispersion performance inspection, low viscosity, drying inspection, medium alkyd resin, and melamine resin series. GB11996-1989 Method for determination of extractable formaldehyde in melamine-formaldehyde molded products.

3. SNT 2941-2011 determination of melamine content in plastic raw materials and products.

The above are the precautions for using dishwashers, and melamine tableware analysis and testing standards. Hope it will be helpful to everyone.

In fact, the melamine molding powder of melamine tableware is relatively expensive. Many illegal manufacturers use urea, or other raw materials rather than pure melamine powder to produce melamine tableware, which poses a great health threat to consumers. Therefore, the testing standards for melamine tableware are extremely important.

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