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Huafu Chemicals: Company Staff Training
Aug , 23 2019

On August 13th, our company had a staff training through online self-study and lectures. The training is about our company's corporate culture, company development history, rules and regulations and the product knowledge of melamine moulding resin powder.

The company's general manager has vividly introduced the company's development history and the process of melamine compound manufacturing. She also shared her working experience for many years. In the afternoon, all staff came to the melamine raw material production factory to visit and study.

The staff training and factory visit helped our staff to know more about the company and melamine powder production process which effectively enhances the employees' sense of integration and identity for future work. At the same time, we also hope that employees will develop together with the company. Our company’s melamine molding powder will bring you a more colorful melamine tableware world!

melamine powder factory

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