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How to Choose Children's Tableware?
Jul , 09 2021

There are a dazzling array of tableware on the market, with different materials and styles. How to choose safe tableware for children has become the most concerned issue for parents. Today Huafu Chemicals, as a manufacturer of melamine tableware raw material, will share with you something to pay attention when you choose children's tableware.

melamine molding compound for kids tableware

1. Security

First, the safety of the tableware must be considered. Ceramics are fragile, stainless steel contains heavy metal components, and plastics are easily toxic and are not temperature-resistant. Then, in contrast, melamine tableware has become a highly recommended choice, which is a new type of tableware that is now internationally popular.

Qualified melamine tableware has a ceramic feel, smooth texture, non-toxic and is in line with national food hygiene standards and American FDA hygiene standards; so it’s safe for kids to use.

2. The enlightenment and education effect

Choose some special design or divided tableware for children (mostly made of 100% melamine resin powder) with chopsticks, eggs or spoons specially placed, which is helpful in exercising hands-on ability and the coordination of hands, eyes, and mouth for kids.

3. Choose the pattern that children are interested in

Choose tableware that can increase children’s dining interest. Now many melamine tableware manufacturers understand this principle, so they will introduce some exquisite and cute cartoon shapes to put on the tableware. This will increase the beauty of the tableware, attract the attention of children and stimulate their curiosity.

4. Pay attention to the price and quality

Some unscrupulous factories use urea-formaldehyde powder with a layer of melamine molding powder to make counterfeit melamine tableware. Therefore, when choosing children's tableware, you must go to a regular supermarket to buy it. When purchasing, you must carefully check whether the tableware is deformed, whether the surface of the tableware is smooth, whether the pattern is clear and whether the color is faded, etc.

melamine formaldehyde molding compound

In all, melamine tableware is popular in children's catering industry because of its light weight, beautiful appearance, low temperature resistance, and non-break-ability.

If you need to purchase the quality pure melamine molding powder for your tableware making, you can find us.

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