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Design in Melamine Production Process
Jul , 29 2020

In the production process, different colors of melamine powder will be molded into melamine products with different color combinations and design effects.

When red melamine powder inside with black melamine powder outside molded twice, a decorative effect like lacquer products can appear.

black and red melamine compound

When we use the special material of marble granules like ceramic tiles, a decorative effect like marble and granite will appear.marble look melamine molding compound

When we put 70% melamine powder, 10%corn starch, 20% bamboo powder together, a new type of decorative effect will appear.colorful bamboo melamine powderMelamine compound not only can be made into imitating porcelain crockery, but also other designed products with many textures and effects. What’s more, it has great potential for making flower pot, mahjong, and tissue box, socket, lampshade, etc.melamine glazing resin compound

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