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Analysis of Colors Effect on Melamine Tableware
Oct , 29 2020

There are many colors of melamine tableware. Why different people use different colors of tableware? In fact, color can affect a person and can bring people different moods, and tableware can also affect a person's appetite. Huafu Chemicals will introduce the color influence of melamine tableware to you.

1. Perhaps you would say that this is just melamine tableware used for eating, and its importance is far from comparable to that of food, especially for people in various fields. There are more aspects that bring a little influence, especially some parents, in order to make children interested in food; they will properly select colorful cartoon dishes.

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2. In fact, the color of melamine tableware has the same effect on adults. Under normal circumstances, you will find that most people will buy white melamine tableware, but if it can be replaced by colorful tableware which can stimulate the appetite through visual stimulation, and it can also trigger the kind of freshness in the heart, so you might as well change your own melamine tableware frequently.

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3. There are also research data showing that the colors of tableware affect a lot.

  • Orange cups make the drink more flavorful, while light yellow cups increase the aroma and sweetness of chocolate.
  • When drinking with a blue cup, people will like the clearer drink which has better quenching thirst.
  • White tableware can accentuate the sweetness of food more than black tableware, so when eating strawberry cake, white plates are better. This is why white plates are usually chosen when eating desserts.

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The above is an introduction to the color effect of melamine tableware. We can see that the color of melamine tableware can indeed affect a person's appetite.

It’s no worry that although melamine tableware are colorful, they are still food grade and safe to use. Tableware manufacturers must make sure that the raw material for making melamine tableware should be 100% pure melamine powder which is the same as Huafu melamine molding powder.

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