How to Make Melamine Powder?
Dec , 24 2020

First, let’s study the reaction principle.

  • Melamine tableware powder is usually formulated by controlling the molar ratio of formaldehyde to triamine at about 1:2, then heating up to 80 C.
  • After the reaction, the product is a soluble prepolymer resin. The resin obtained from the reaction can be processed by adding fillers, dehydration and grinding etc.
  • Then the powder products which are easy to store and transport with standard chemical and physical properties are obtained.
  • The powder product will be formed into a product by cross-linking reaction through high temperature and high pressure.

melamine powder production process

Figure 1 Industrial production process of melamine powder

Next, a brief introduction to the production process.

1. Reaction: Reaction is the most important step in the production process.

The reaction equipment generally adopts stainless steel reactor, with a volume of 2000-6000L. The reaction time must be between 90-120 minutes.

2. Kneading: The resin which is obtained by kneading is generally mixed with pulp in the kneading machine. The mixing time in the kneading machine is generally 60 to 80 minutes.

3. Drying: The effect of the drying process is to remove moisture from products. Usually, The granules will be dried in the dryer in 2.5 to 3 hours.

4. Ball Milling: The granules are finely ground through the shear and impact forces between the ceramic balls.

Due to the strong friction and impact of the materials in the ball miller, the ambient temperature will rise. Generally, cooling water is used for circulating cooling in the special interlayer of the ball miller.

5. Screening: There are still some rough materials or impurities in the material after a long time of grinding. Those can be filtered through the vibrating screen in production to make sure that the fineness of the product reaches the unified standard.

6. Packaging: The packaging is the last step of production. There are two layers of packaging bags; the outer bag is a paper bag, and the inner bag is plastic film, moisture-proof and dustproof.

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ball milling for melamine powder

Figure 2 The ball miller for melamine compound ball milling.

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