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How to Disinfect Melamine Tableware?
Nov , 12 2021

The cleaning and disinfection of tableware is to ensure the safety and health of users. Tableware that is not cleaned and disinfected well will remain and breed a large amount of bacteria, which seriously threatens our health. Today Huafu Chemicals, the manufacturer of MMC powder and melamine glazing powder, will introduce you the useful disinfection methods for melamine tableware.

Boiling disinfection: It is easy to cause deterioration of the product. If boiling disinfection is required, please shorten it to the minimum time (3-5 minutes can be) to avoid long time boiling.

  • Rinse with water immediately after drink orange juice or cola.
  • Do not use fire to grill or close to the fire.
  • Do not place it on a hot iron plate or in a soup pot to keep warm.
  • Do not cook in boiling water for a long time.

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Steam sterilization: Put the cleaned tableware in a steam cabinet or box, raise the temperature to 100°C, and sterilize for 5 to 10 minutes.

Oven disinfection: It’s not suitable because most of the oven supports are made of metal, and the actual temperature is much higher than 120°C. After the melamine tableware is in contact, it will burn.

Chemical disinfection: The selected disinfectant must be the specific melamine tableware disinfectant.

  • The concentration of dishware disinfectant used for disinfection must reach the concentration specified in the product manual.
  • Place the tableware in the disinfectant and soak for 10 to 15 minutes, and the tableware must not be exposed to the surface of the disinfectant.
  • After the tableware is disinfected, use running water to remove the residual disinfectant on the surface of the tableware and remove the peculiar smell.
  • The disinfectant should be updated at any time, and it should not be used repeatedly for a long time.

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Use the dishwasher to disinfect

When using a tableware washer for tableware washing and disinfection, the following issues should be paid attention to.

1. The placement of tableware on the washing rack should meet the set requirements, and it should not be stacked in a random manner, so as not to affect the effect of washing and disinfection.

2. The working water temperature of the dishwasher is controlled at around 80℃:

3. Washing and disinfecting liquid (oxygen system) should be temporarily prepared and replaced at any time:

4. After washing, the effect of washing and disinfection of tableware should be checked. If the hygiene requirements are not met, washing and disinfection should be carried out again.

5. The dishwasher should be overhauled frequently to maintain its normal working condition.

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