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Analysis of Unqualified Melamine Tableware
Jan , 02 2020

Nowadays, melamine tableware is widely used in fast food, children's catering, staff canteen, and restaurants for its advantage of non-toxic, tasteless, lightweight, beautiful, durable and shatter-resistant. However, there are various melamine tableware raw material producers that mean the quality of powder varies a lot. This is a big concern for consumers. Is melamine tableware healthy or harmful?

melamine tableware powder

Melamine powder used in regular melamine tableware production is a polymer that reacts with melamine and formaldehyde. This polymerization process is irreversible, so the melamine-formaldehyde resin after synthesis is non-toxic and stable in relative properties and can be used safely at the range of -30oC to +120oC (microwave forbidden). However, some powder suppliers on the market are cutting corners, like adding urea, adding talc, using low-grade melamine which is not good for human health. In order to give consumers the confidence to purchase qualified melamine tableware, Huafu Chemicals is continuously producing authentic material, which has been recognized by customers home and abroad. We will continuously be manufacturing high-quality melamine molding powder for tableware factories.

In fact, the melamine production process is also extremely critical. If the production process is not enough, it is easy to cause hidden safety hazards. For example, the resin must reach certain content in all raw materials; otherwise, the quality of the product does not meet the standard requirements. Furthermore, the proportion of melamine and formaldehyde is improper, the reaction between them is not sufficient or the improper pressure, temperature or insufficient curing time which may cause the formaldehyde content to exceed the standard and seriously affect the safety and quality of tableware. The performance of the product does not meet the requirement and even be harmful to human health.

In addition, some illegal production companies will use waste plastic imported from abroad or plastic recycled to process and use to make plastic tableware. The plastic cannot have pure color, and a large number of colorants are often added to process the products into deeper colors. The tableware made of recycled plastic is undoubtedly harmful to human health.

melamine moulding powder factory

In recent years, consumers are paying more attention to human health, so they have higher requirements for tableware safety. Welcome all tableware factories to visit our melamine moulding compound factory in China.

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